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Abuse in the Older Adult
Accessibility - Customer Service
Accessibility - Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations (IASR)
Advance Directives Policy
Alaris Pump Education
Alaris Pump Skills Review Attestation – Adult
Alaris Pump Skills Review Attestation – Neonatal/Pediatrics
Alaris Syringe Pump Education
ALC Minimum Standards of Care: Nursing Assessment and Documentation
Annual Clinical Assist Skills Day
Annual Nursing Skills Day
Auscultation and Breath Sounds
AutoPulse Training


Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) entry in Cerner (Annual)
Biliary Atresia Screening – Newborn Screening Ontario
Biomedical Waste Segregation
Blood/Blood Product Transfusion Exam
Bloody Easy Blood Administration
Bloody Easy Lite for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners
Breastfeeding Course Level 1 (2 Days): “Making a Difference”
Breastfeeding Update & Refresh (1 Day)
Business Intelligence Tool


CADD-Solis Pump Skills Review Attestation – PCA
CADD®-Solis v4.0 Ambulatory Infusion Pump Training Module
Canadian Neurological Scale (CNS)
Cancer Pain - An Introduction
Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) - IP Surgery
CCDI Cultural Competence Workshop
CCDI Foundations in DEI Certificate
CCDI Influencer in DEI Certificate
CCDI Webinar: Gender equality through an intersectional lens
CCDI Webinar: Gender expression versus gender identity
CCDI Webinar: Gender-neutral facilities and pronoun importance
CCDI Webinar: LGBTQ2+ Inclusion 101- Breaking down the alphabet and creating inclusive workplaces
CCDI Webinar: LGBTQ2+ Intersectionality - Understanding the lived experiences of racialized LGBTQ2+
CCDI Webinar: Unconscious Bias
Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs)
CERNER: Allied Health
CERNER: Clerical Bed Allocation (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Clerical ED (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Clerical Inpatient (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Clerical Registration & Scheduling (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Clerical Women's Health (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Clinical Assistant (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Lab Module 1A
CERNER: Lab Module 1B
CERNER: Lab Module 2
CERNER: Lab Module 3
CERNER: Lab Module 4B
CERNER: Lab Module 5
CERNER: Lab Module 6
CERNER: Lab Module 7
CERNER: MTP Clerical - Video and Quiz
CERNER: MTP Nursing - Quiz
CERNER: Nursing Ambulatory (Updated: June 2020)
CERNER: Nursing ED
CERNER: Nursing Inpatient (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Nursing Perioperative
CERNER: Nursing Renal Ambulatory
CERNER: Nursing Women's Health: Maternal
CERNER: Nursing Women’s Health: Lactation Consultant
CERNER: Nursing Women’s Health: Peri Op
CERNER: Pharmacist
CERNER: Pharmacy Student
CERNER: Pharmacy Tech
CERNER: Respiratory Therapy
CERNER: SCAN Powerform
CERNER: Security Position (Updated Sep 2020)
CERNER: Student Nurse Exam - Inpatient Nursing (Intro to PowerChart)
CERNER: Student Nurse Exam - Women's Health: Maternal Charting (updated Oct 2020)
CERNER: Student Nurse Exam - Women's Health: Newborn Charting (updated Oct 2020)
Children's Policy Sign-off - Acetaminophen Administration: Pre-Op for the Pediatric Population CLN-A-3
Children's Policy Sign-off - Fall Prevention and Safe Sleep, Children's Program
Children's Policy Sign-off - Initial Newborn Care CLN-N-56
Children's Policy Sign-off - IV Medications Below the Drip Chamber - Clinical Guideline
Children's Policy Sign-off - Neonatal Bilirubin testing and Initiation of Inpatient Phototherapy CLN-N-50
Children's Policy Sign-off - Neonatal Hypoglycemia: screening and immediate management of babies at risk CLN-N-57
Children's Policy Sign-off - Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Neonatal and Pediatric Population - Clinical Guideline
Children's Policy Sign-off - Standards of Care Children's Program Clinical Guideline
Children's Policy Sign-off - Suctioning Artificial Airways Medical Directive CLN-S-78
Cleaning and Disinfecting Pharmacy Areas Reserved for Sterile Compounding
ClinicalConnect Learning Pathway
Code Blue Review Classroom Course
Code Orange
Code Silver
Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) Training Module (Updated Sep 2021)
Consent To Treatment - Rules and Responsibilites in Obtaining Consent
Continence - A Matter of Dignity
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Regulations
Critical Care Response Team
Crucial Conversations
CVAD Review for the Medicine Program


Delirium - A Medical Emergency
Delirium Assessment in the ICU


Emergency Codes
Emergency Department Minimum Standards of Nursing Care Attestation
Environmental Cleaning, Module 1 - Chain of Transmission
Environmental Cleaning, Module 2 - Routine Practices
Environmental Cleaning, Module 3 - Cleaning Products and Tools
Environmental Cleaning, Module 4 - General Cleaning
Environmental Cleaning, Module 5 - Additional Precautions
Environmental Cleaning, Module 6 - Audits
Epidural Recertification Exam (Surgery)
Escalation of Patient Care Concerns
ESP Self-Service Learning Module for Employees
Essential Leadership Skills - E-DiSC
Essential Leadership Skills - Effective Conversations
Essential Leadership Skills - Emotionally Charged Conversations
Essential Leadership Skills - Navigating Difficult Conversations


Falls Education
Falls Education - Adult Outpatient
Fetal Health Surveillance Refresher Course
Finance - WorldSoft Reporting System
Foot Care Assessment in the Renal Program
Fracture Clinic Xrays Medical Directive
Franklin Covey Impact Platform Orientation


Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) - Full Day
Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) - Refresher
Geriatric Education
Goals of Care Conversations in Oncology
GRH EVS Non-Sterile Compounding Training in Pharmacy
GRRCC Radiation Safety Training-General
GRRCC Radiation Safety Training-HDR
GRRCC Radiation Safety Training-HDR for Security and EVS
GRRCC Radiation Safety Training-LINAC
GRRCC Radiation Safety Training-LINAC for Security and EVS
Guiding Visually Impaired Individuals


Hand Hygiene
Hazardous Drug Sterile Compounding Training for IP Pharmacy
Hazardous Drugs Instructional Videos
Hazardous Drugs Module 1 - Overview of Safe Handling (Part 1)
Hazardous Drugs Module 2 - Overview of Safe Handling (Part 2)
Hazardous Drugs Module 3 - Safe Handling for the Purposes of Administration (Nurses Only)
Hazardous Drugs Module 4 - Safe Administration and Spill Management (Nurses Only)
Head to Toe Assessment Workshop for UT3
Health Information Exchange e-learning course
High Alert Medication - Independent Double Check
Home Healthcare - Identifying Risk & Managing Safety


Incident Investigation for Managers and Supervisors
Inclusion and Belonging for 2SLGBTQIA+ Individuals in Healthcare and Beyond
INSPIRE - Crucial Conversations
INSPIRE - GRH Finance 101
INSPIRE - GRH Finance 102
INSPIRE - Inclusive Leadership: Promoting DEI & Allyship at GRH
INSPIRE - Inclusive Leadership: Understanding Unconscious Bias and Increasing Cultural Intelligence
INSPIRE - Leading in a Unionized Environment
INSPIRE - Mastering Your Master Schedule
INSPIRE - The Neuroscience of Leadership
INSPIRE Lunch + Learn with Finance
Intro to Infor - Expense Management - Submitting & Approving Expenses/Invoices
Intro to Infor - Requisition Approval
Intro to Infor - Requisition Self-Service (RSS)
Intro to Infor - The Basics
IPAC Training for GRH Learners


Lab Essentials
Lab Ethics
Lab Quality Management Systems (NEW May 2021)
Laboratory Biosafety Training (Environmental Services, Facilities Management, Laboratory)
Laboratory Competency Quiz 2024
Least Restraints


Maintenance of Systemic Cancer Treatment Competency – Attestation
Malignant Hyperthermia
Manual Materials Handling (MMH) Training Program
Med Rec Renal Program - Hemodialysis
Medical Directive for Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Patients
Medical Imaging Preceptor Course - Fanshawe College
Mental Health & Addiction Skills Day
Mental Health Act
Mental Health Awareness Workshop
Mental Status Exam
MHA Policy Sign-off - Code Blue
MHA Policy Sign-off - Dress Code
MHA Policy Sign-off - Family and Staff Support Post Patient Suicide
MHA Policy Sign-off - Fentanyl Patch-For-Patch Policy
MHA Policy Sign-off - Levels of Therapeutic Observation
MHA Policy Sign-off - Management of Food and Drink in the Workplace
MHA Policy Sign-off - Medication Record: Transcription and Documentation
MHA Policy Sign-off - Personal and Panic Alarms (Updated Feb 2022)
MHA Policy Sign-off - Psychiatric Intensive Care Area (PICA): Camera Downtime Procedure
MHA Policy Sign-off - Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour, Identification, and Management of
MHA Policy Sign-off - Threat Alert
MHA Policy Sign-off - Transfer of Information
MHA Policy Sign-off - Transporting Patients in Personal Employee Vehicles
MHA Policy Sign-off - Unit and Staff Safety Guidelines
MHAP Policy Sign-off: MH-F-05 Family Involvement and Support
MI Hand Hygiene (re-assign)
MI Infusion Pump Refresher for Nursing Staff
MI Policy Sign Off - Allergy Documentation
MI Policy Sign Off - Annual Review 2021: Section B
MI Policy Sign Off - Annual Review 2021: Section C
MI Policy Sign Off - Annual Review 2021: Section D
MI Policy Sign Off - Annual Review 2021: Section E
MI Policy Sign Off - Falls Prevention
MI Policy Sign Off - Ultrasound Probe Use & Reprocessing Guidelines
MI Policy Sign-Off - Code Blue
MI Policy Sign-Off - Contract Media Administration of Pediatrics
MI Policy Sign-off - Incident Reporting and Investigation
MI Policy Sign-off - Management of Vacation Time off for Leadership Staff
MI Policy Sign-off - MI Protected Code Blue
MI Policy Sign-off - MI Safety Resources Manual
MI Policy Sign-off - Notification of Absence
MI Policy Sign-off - Personal and Panic Alarms
MI Policy Sign-off - Use of GBCA in Patients with Kidney Disease
MI Policy Sign-off - WWBC (Breast Imaging Cases Requiring Callback Imaging (MI-C-37) & Anticoagulant Guideline for Breast Imaging (MI-J-40))
MI Sign-off - Covid Vaccine – Image Findings
MI-MRI Safety Course
Mobile Device End User Agreement
Mobilization Of Vulnerable Elders (MOVE)


Navigating Difficult Conversations - Training For Staff
Nephrocare Upgrade Training for Hemodialysis Unit
Nephrocare Upgrade Training for Peritoneal Dialysis Unit
Nexiva & IABC IV Conversion
Non-Sterile Compounding of Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Drug Preparations for Pharmacy Staff
North Half Face Respirators
NRP Classroom Course Registration
Nuclear Medicine Radiation Awareness Training
Nursing Education Fair


Obstetrical Epidural Analgesia Exam
Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training
Oncology – Code Brown Policy Sign-off
Orientation - Clinical Orientation for Agency Nurses
Orientation - Clinical Orientation for Clinical Assistants
Orientation - Clinical Orientation for RNs and RPNs
Orientation - Corporate Orientation for All New Staff
Orientation- Clinical - Nurse Practitioner


Pain Series Module 1: Assessment, Treatment and Documentation of Pain
Pain Series Module 2: Management of Pain
Pain Survey - Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain
Parenteral Nutrition Policy Sign-off
Patient Centred Care Part 1 - An Introduction
Patient Centred Care Part 2 - Effective Communication
Patient Centred Care Part 3 - Nonverbal Communication
Patient Controlled Anaglgesia (PCA)
PB980 Ventilator Training
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Learning Package
Peritoneal Dialysis Contamination Protocol Medical Directive Policy Sign Off
Personal and Panic Alarms Policy Sign-off
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Donning and Doffing
Phlebotomy Training for CCC & Rehab Nurses
Planning and Measuring the Hospital’s Performance
POCT - Nova Statstrip Glucometer Training Module
Positive Patient Identification
Preceptor Workshop
Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour (Code White) - General Classroom
Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour (Code White) - General Online
Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour - De-escalation Training
PRISM e-learning: Intro to Cerner - Clerical
PRISM e-learning: Intro to Cerner - Nursing Outpatient
PRISM e-learning: Intro to Cerner - Reporting
PRISM e-learning: Intro to Imprivata OneSign
Privacy and Confidentiality Annual Training
Privacy and Confidentiality Annual Training for Professional Staff
Privacy Code
Psychiatric Intensive Care Area (PICA): Admission Criteria MH-P-20 Policy Sign Off


Radiation and Pregnancy (Medical Imaging)
Recovery - Principles and Practice
Regional Analgesia
Release of Medical Records
Renal Education Fair 2023
Renal Pandemic Education Plan
Renal Patient Acuity Tool - Learning Package and Attestation
Renal Program Intradialytic Blood Transfusion Policy Sign-off
Renal Program Patient Home Visits Policy Sign Off
Renal Program Person Centered Decision Making Learning Module (Annual)
Renal Skills Day 2021
Renal Standard of Care – In-Centre (and Satellite) Hemodialysis
Reprocessing of Flexible Endoscopes Exam
Reprocessing of Ultrasound Probes Exam
Research Training – Data Entry Clerk
Research Training – Ethics Study Coordinator
Research Training – Investigator (Clinical Trials)
Research Training – Laboratory Staff
Research Training – Pharmacist
Research Training – Study Coordinator
Research Training- SRC-RC Member
Research Training-Investigator-Non Clinical Trial
Research Training-OIR Staff
Respectful Workplace Program
Respectful Workplace Training for Leaders
Resume Writing
RGP Person Centered Language


Safe Management Group Training
Safe Materials Handling Training
Safe Patient Handling
Safer Patient Wandering - The Dewing Screening Tool
Smoking Cessation Module 1 - Tobacco Withdrawal Management
Smoking Cessation Module 2 - Nicotine Replacement Therapy Medications
Smoking Cessation Module 3 - Tobacco-free Grounds
Spinal / One Shot Intrathecal Analgesia
Sterile Compounding & Aseptic Technique Training IP Pharmacy
Sterrad 100NX Exam
Stroke Continuing Education
Stroke Dysphagia Screen
Suicide Risk Assessment and Management
Suicide Risk Assessment and Management - ED and Inpatient Units (non MHAP)
Swallowing and General Concepts


Telepractice: Effective Communication Skills
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Therapeutic Relationships
Threat Alert Policy Sign-off
Threat Alert: Creating a Safe Workplace Environment - PART 1 (NEW - Updated May 2024)
Threat Alert: Creating a Safe Workplace Environment - PART 2 (Clinical Staff)
Transfer of Information: Bedside Safety Check Policy Sign-off
Trauma Informed Care
Trillium Gift of Life Organ and Tissue Donation - Annual Refresher for Critical Care
Trillium Gift of Life Organ and Tissue Donation - Annual Refresher for Non-Critical Care
Trillium Gift of Life Organ and Tissue Donation: Critical Care Units (Ventilators Present)
Trillium Gift of Life Organ and Tissue Donation: Non-Critical Units (No Ventilators)


UT2 Stroke Rehab Education


VAC Academy
Vancomycin Dosing and Therapeutic Monitoring
Vanessa's Law - Mandatory Reporting of Serious Adverse Drug Reactions and Medical Device Incidents
Vascular Access Education Program (VAEP)


Waterless Surgical Scrub Review
WebEx Virtual Care Appointments
WHMIS Awareness
Workstation Ergonomics


X-Ray Safety for Nurses, Allied Health and Medical Support Staff


Yoga - Workday Yoga Sign-up for KW and Freeport